Will Pan loses NT$3 hundred thousand with two bets

Will Pan pouring orange juice at the celebration party after concert, but spills it due to overjoy.

Will Pan’s concert just came to a close and he lost NT$ 3 hundred thousand! That’s because before the concert, he made two bets. He bet with Show Luo that if Show comes to his concert, he would buy ten-thousand copies of Show’s album. Show and Will negotiated to 500 copies, but that would still cost Will NT$2 hundred thousand. In addition, he bet with his stylist that he would lose 6 Kg, but in the end, he only lost 4 Kg. Thus, he lost yet another NT$1 hundred thousand. But he happily said, “It’s okay, I’m still feeling happy! (even though he lost the bets)”

He also thanked the people that looked down on him in the past, “Eight years ago I signed a record deal with Universal Music, and someone actually called my record company asking why they would sign a person like me.” These words became his motivation to hold his concert at Taipei Arena.

Special guest Jessie Chiang performed “Tell me” and “快樂崇拜” (Adoration to Happiness) with Will. Netizens criticized that background vocals were even louder than her, “Did Jessie even sing?” But Will showed his support to Jessie, “She did sing.”

Source: Chinatimes

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