Who sang Angela Chang’s “Pocket’s Sky” song the best?

On the December 12 broadcast of 100% Entertainment, three female guests competed to win Alien Huang (Xiao Gui)’s heart. Segments ranged from the ladies spending several minutes confessing their “love” to Alien one-on-one, to seeing who could located ping pong balls the fastest hidden in Aliens clothes.

One particular segment was a talent show portion, which consisted of each of the girls performing an act which they felt would best impress Alien. The cute and adorable female guest Huo Dong Jie Jie 果東姊姊 felt that the best way to Alien’s heart was with a touching song, so she gave her rendition of Angela Chang’s phenomenal 2006 hit ballad “Pocket’s Sky 口袋的天空”. The song, which was included in the singer and actress’ third album titled “Pandora”, is known for its sweeping vocals and epic orchestral backdrop. It also served as the opening theme for the Taiwanese suspense thriller television drama “Bump Off Lover”, which also starred the multi-talented Angela.

Therefore, it should not come as a surprise at all that, since its 2006 debut, the song has been sung multiple times in singing competitions and variety television show, including Huo Dong’s performance three years later on last week’s 100% Entertainment episode. Other notable performances include singing contestant You Pei Shan’s performance on Season 5 on One Million Star, singing contestant Zeng Ren Y’s 2006 performance on Campus Singing Competition, and Rainie Yang’s performance on One Million Singer.

Check out the singing performances of each of the ladies' below and vote for which one sang Angela's epic "Pocket's Sky" song the best!

Huo Dong Jie Jie 果東姊姊’s performance:

You Pei Shan 尤珮珊’s performance:

Zeng Ren Yu 曾仁郁’s performance:

Rainie Yang 杨丞琳’s performance:

Angela Chang 張韶涵’s MV:

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