WAHSBBT Cast perform variations of “Gee”, “Don’t Cha”, “King and Queen”

On the December 10 broadcast of the popular idol variety show WAHSBBT, the latest challenge put forth on the cast performing as mixed-gender duos. The show’s cast, which is composed of up-and-coming Taiwanese stars such as members from male group Choc 7 and female group Hey Girl, typically compete against each other with different themes, such as a dance competition to songs of their idols (link).

In this particular broadcast, the theme is singing and performing to variations of songs of their choosing. The variety of the chosen songs is much more diverse this time, with songs mostly relegated to Taiwanese and American hits. Three particular performances stand out from the batch for either their hilarity or interest factor. The first one is by show co-hosts Ah Ben and Da Y, whom perform their dorky rendition of Korean sensation SNSD’s bouncy “Gee”. The second one shifts to more seriousness with Wei Yu and Mei Mei performing their rendition of Taiwanese group Da Mouth’s club mix “King and Queen”. And finally, the wackiness returns in full force with Ah Jie and Xiao Man goofing off to Pussycat Doll’s popular hit “Don’t Cha”.

Check out these renditions of the more interesting performances from WAHSBBT below to see for yourself, with raw video credits to sugoideas!

So which duo's skit did you like best of the three?

Ah Ben & Da Ya's variation of SNSD's "Gee":

Ah Jie & Xiao Man's variation of Da Mouth's "Don't Cha":

Wei Yu & Mei Mei's variation of Pussycat Dolls' "Don't Cha":

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