[Video] Magic 1+1 gets ready for third single release

After just releasing their second single, “Following like a shadow” (如影隨形). Magic 1+1 is already preparing for their third single release, “Niu Niu Nie Nie” / "Unmanly" (扭扭捏捏) with a new set of dance moves and magic tricks. As reported in our previous posts, Magic 1+1 presents themselves as a new generation boy band, who are…magicians! As if they haven’t shown enough magic in their first single, “Eyes Wide Open,” Magic 1+1 shows off some more magic tricks in their practice video that was broadcasted on WQYL recently. This time, it’s a magical miniature church where delicately twisted balloon items are transformed into real life things. A netbook, some ice cream with love, a dog and what’s left?

Hosts and Seniors JR and Zax Wang commented, “It must be hard work. You have to sing, dance, do magic, and on top, you have to take care of all sorts of pet animals to be used in your magic tricks.”

Source: Sugoideas

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