[Video] English Subbed version of Rainie Yang's "Raining Love" MV

Here at CpopAccess, we want to help our readers understand to the fullest all aspects of Cpop music. Though music is a universal language, oftentimes the experience can be enhanced even further when you understand the lyrics. Therefore, we have created a youtube account, CpopAccessMVs, dedicated to the translation into English of hit Cpop songs.

As reported by CpopAccess correspondent Pauli last week, Rainie Yang recently released the MV for her single off her upcoming 2010 album and current ending theme for current idol drama "Hi My Sweetheart". This song, "Raining Love", not only has a beautiful melody and cinemetography, its lyrics are full of emotion and rain imagery as Rainie sings about a lost love. Enjoy the translation!

Photo Source: ent.qq.com

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