[Video] Cyndi Wang and Sam Wang put up hilarious exchange with kids on BWXXT

On the December 18th broadcast of popular Taiwanese game show "Are You Smarter Than a Primary Student? (BWXXT)", special guests sweetheart guru Cyndi Wang and idol prince Sam Wang joined alongside indie rock outfit Won Fu and Singaporean singer Sam Lee for a great showing. The show, which is a Taiwanese take of its American (i.e., “Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader?”), involves adult contestants answering elementary school-level questions. While the concept of the show has a basic premise, the results tend to be much more complicated, at the humorous detriment of the contestants themselves.

In this particular broadcast, each of the four special guests took their turns answering questions to try to win money for their particular charities. Singaporean singer Sam Lee took his turn, only to lose on the first question and to be the butt of jokes by the host and other special guests throughout the ninety-minute long program. Won Fu took their shot and progressed a bit farther than their fellow Singaporean guest.

The highlights of the show belong squarely on Sam Wang and Cyndi Wang when their turn came up. The two Taiwanese superstars, whom have collaborated before such as in Cyndi’s “Love You” MV from half a decade ago, are now grown-up from their debut performances and discuss matters such as marriage and relationship gossip with the show’s nosy host.

There’s too many highlights to name in this show, but you can check out our selected recaps below to relieve those moments yourselves, courtesy of source video from Taiwanese entertainment source sugoideas!

Indie band Won Fu's humorous situation:

Cyndi Wang chastises the kids:

Sam Wang "bribes" everyone with buns:

Sam Wang tests his English skills:

Cyndi Wang emotes goofy expression:

Sam Wang and Cyndi Wang's funny exchange:

Sam Wang believes in himself, makes fun of kid:

Source: sugoideas

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