Victor and Bike roll down the hill

Just several days ago, Victor Wong rode his bike to Muzha to tour around the area as he would be moving in next month. Due to the steep slope of this mountainous area, Victor unexpectedly rolled 10 meters down the hill with his bike and ended up breaking his right cheekbone, having a 3 centimeter cut on the left side of his chin, and getting 20 stitches.

According to the news, a passerby took out a diaper and patched it onto Victor’s chin with rubber bands to help stop the bleeding and then sent him to the emergency room. The accident was so serious that he now has to wear a lower jaw brace, making him unable to talk or eat. He has to use a blender to dissolve all his food because he could only digest them in liquid form.

This fall also caused Victor's girlfriend to rush all the way to Taiwan from Hong Kong to take care of him. Victor had no choice but to cancel all of his activities, losing approximately NT$5 million of income. The soonest he would be able to resume his work would be the 24th.

For those of you who are not familiar with Victor Wong, he is a pop singer from Malaysia.  Victor used to be in a 2-person group with Michael Wong, which was disbanded in 2000 and both Victor and Michael moved on to their solo careers.  Recently, you may have also heard one of Victor's singles, "一切為了愛" (All For Love) as an insert theme in Autumn's Concerto.

Video source: Nidol0326

News source: UDN

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