Van Ness Wu’s drama rises, album falls, plans to release Japanese single "Reason"

The rise in popularity of Van Ness Wu’s current idol drama “Autumn’s Concerto (Next Stop, Happiness)” has been meteoric, yet the date for his next full album release has not been able to achieve such happiness. Neither has he been able to find a music label to be his backer for his upcoming album, leaving him to find “the next stop” for his music.

Back in March of this year, Van Ness signed a two-year deal to produce 20 songs, rumored to have a signing bonus of NT$10 million, but ever since he signed on for his current idol drama, the F4 member has been focusing all his attention on the drama itself. Even though Van Ness has spent time recording for his new album, he hasn’t had time to promote the new album due to his busy idol drama schedule. Because of this, Van Ness and his music label backing ended without penalty, as his manager Katie made the statement, “We broke it off peacefully.”

Despite the termination of his music deal with his label on his upcoming album, Van Ness’ manager was quoted as saying about Van Ness that music remains his first love, and that he would look for a new record company. In the mean time, Van Ness released word on his blog of a new Japanese single titled “Reason”, the third one to be released off his planned album for a targeted March release. The single's release is geared for a January 20th release next month.

News of Van Ness’ music album termination with Sony is sourced from, while news on Van Ness’ latest Japanese single is sourced from lem0nlight of Aiya They Didn’t. Thanks to lem0nlight for spreading news on the latest Japanese single news, and be sure to swing by their site to say hi to fellow C-poppers there!

Source:, Aiya They Didn’t, Van Ness' blog

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