Tons of Money Spent for Rainie to Wear 68,888 Pearls!

Every time Rainie Yang releases a new album, she also releases a new concept. For her new album “Rainie & Love…?”, Rainie dons a Bohemian-haired look this time around. She similar dons a similar concept with her clothes, wearing over thirty kilograms of 68,888 pearls for her peal clothes and costing over a quarter of a million yuan, in order to symbolize tears of tender passion.

In order to create the “pearl clothes”, stylists not only broke over twenty sewing needles, but also had a ten-person team working on the clothes that weighted over thirty kilograms. When Rainie put on the “pearl clothes”, she was afraid walking with it would drop the pearls if she wasn’t careful. Taking them off was also extremely inconvenient, and it took three people to lift it off and put it back on Rainie.

With the album’s title song “Rain Love”, her music label especially prepared a romantic “powder blue love raincoat” as a pre-ordered gift, which fans can get on December 18, 2009. It’s worth noting that on the back of the raincoat is a hand with a heart-shaped pattern, which is another of Rainie’s markings to show her love to her fans, in the hopes that it will shelter her fans from the rain. Rainie’s much anticipated album titled “Rainie & Love…?” will be released on January 1, 2010 in Asia.


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