Tiger Huang wonders if Yoga Lin is still a virgin

Veteran singer and One Million Star judge Tiger Huang (黃小琥) will be performing with Yoga Lin at the Kaohsiung New Year countdown concert. They rehearsed together yesterday, and gave a preview of the songs that they will perform on the show. The two will be singing medleys comprised of classics like “Love-brewed wine” (愛情釀的酒), “You made me drunk” (你把我灌醉), “Guess the heart” (猜心), “You are my eyes” (你是我的眼), and “Burning” (燃燒).

Tiger Huang has chosen the songs after watching Yoga Lin performed them on the first season of One Million Star. Yoga Lin was surprised that she took notice of him back then and said, “Fortunately she is the second season judge, or else I don't think I would have been able to handle her criticism, and end up crying even harder.”

Tiger Huang and Yoga Lin join an all-star line up at the Kaohsiung New Year countdown concert, which includes Mark Zhao, Color, Ethan Yuan, Crowd Lu , Sam Lee, and more.

Tiger Huang didn't have time to give Yoga Lin “pointers” yesterday, but she was curious about his love life. She asked, “How old are you? Have you had a girlfriend before?” He answered yes and she continued to ask, “Then you are not a virgin?” Her question left Yoga Lin speechless and awfully embarrassed.

Looks like Jing Wong’s title as the “Virgin Prince” is as secure as ever!

Source: Chinatimes, UDN
Translations: PA

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