Tiger Huang is felt all over by Landy Wen, Alien Huang delivers a rose in the cold

The cold weather has arrived, however artistes' activities are keeping pretty warm. Magic 1+1's first autograph session coincided with the 50th birthday of their boss, Kevin Sun. Show Luo, who was once under the company, put away their former enmity and not only gave him LV luggage, but also voluntarily gave a kiss saying that he hoped Sun wouldn't retire. However, Kevin Sun has already been in the business for 27 years and intends to switch careers. He is already training Sun Xie Zhi to take over for him in two years.

Kevin Sun said that since he became a manager, he already reached his peak when he pushed 5566 to extreme popularity. They will now be able to work independently in the future. It was a challenge to debut Magic 1+1 and produce a combination of visual effects and musical performances. They will advance towards the Mainland in March of next year.

In order to gain more support for his new album, Alien Huang also went to Ximending [neighborhood in Taipei] to present a rose. He had stuffed his clothes with body warmers becoming very round. He said laughingly, "My undershirt and even my pants are filled with many packets of body warmers. I even wore a Flying Tiger* outfit. I am fully equipped." The other night, when the earthquake hit, Alien was performing at a subway station. He forced a smile while saying, "Last time there was an earthquake, I was staying up all night at the company signing for fans abroad. Every time I release an album, it coincides with an earthquake. It's really scary."

Furthermore, Tiger Huang Hsiao Hu released her first song. Her good friends Xiao Huang Chi and Landy Wen came to support her. Landy Wen performed a hot dance and felt her all over like a pole. Not to be outdone, Tiger Huang, felt her back. Afterwards, Landy Wen considerately presented a neck and shoulder massage device. To explain what had just happened, she said, "Women must treat themselves better. When we are stressed, we must release it. I was just teaching Tiger Jie how to massage."

* Flying Tigers were US airmen in China during WWII

Source: UDN

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