Tammy Chen's new drama to start airing on January 8

SETTV’s “Quality drama” The Happy Times of That Year will close off with Sonia Sui marrying Wen Sheng Hao. After much success in the Friday timeslot since Police Et Vous, SETTV hopes to continue its momentum with their next scheduled drama, Di Er Hui He Wo Ai Ni / Lucky Days, starring Tammy Chen and Chris Wang.

Lucky Days has been through many obstacles before finally announcing that it is a confirmed drama in late October. Wallace Huo, who was originally casted as the male lead, unexpectedly turned down the role just before the shooting had begun, which he explained that it was because he had no time. At the time, the drama had already held its press conference, leaving the crew with little time to search for a replacement. The drama finally found Chris Wang as their new male lead. Chris Wang, most well known as a host of the popular explorative travelling show, “The King Of Adventure” (冒險王), will be tested in acting for the first time. We will have to wait till the drama starts broadcasting to know how he does in acting.

Lucky Days was originally scheduled to start filming in August, but the loss of their first male lead caused a major delay. Thus, Tammy’s management company in Mainland decided to sign onto another Mainland series for her. When Lucky Days was ready to begin, the time clashed with the filming of the Mainland series. Tammy stated to the media that her priority was given to Lucky Days, which caused contractual complications between her management company and the production company of the Mainland drama. Tammy’s Taiwan management company stated later that the issue was resolved through compensation, which rumors say that the compensation amounted to around NT$1 million.

Lucky Days is scheduled to start broadcasting on January 8. The drama has changed its name several times from Divorce March to The Remorse of Ctrl Z, and finally deciding to go with Lucky Days. From the same producer that brought us Story of Time, Lucky Days promises to deliver another heart-warming story. The next challenge that will await Lucky Days will be its ratings.

Source: NOWnews, UDN news, Appledaily TW

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