Taiwanese Stars with the Finest Boobs

Who exactly has the finest boobs in Taiwan? If we base it on what’s already been printed in the media, then the freshest news scoop points to Taiwan’s number one ranked Chi-ling Lin with her wonderful figure and 34C bust. Even though she’s already 36 years old, her size is still just as good with her finely modeled boobs. That’s more than enough to make the news scoop as the number one queen of beautiful boobs.

The lineup following Lin Chi-ling is renowned beauty goddess Tien Hsin at number two, while the holder of beautiful boobs at number three is Yao Yao, the newcomer lolita sensation with big boobs. With a great figure and a 32E bust, Vivian Hsu still wins out at number four, and Jolin Tsai rounds out the list at number five.

The winners of the top five ladies with beautiful boobs are obviously very deserving of them and without controversy. But what’s very surprising is that the person with the hottest yet most graceful body is the Mrs. Xiao S. Even though she failed to make the top ten for the most beautiful boobs, it can only be said that maybe since only her husband can go into detail of Xiao S and her three finger-width boobs, that netizens have already forgotten that Xiao S’s boobs are also beautiful.

Taiwanese Stars with the Finest Boobs:
1. Chi-ling Lin
2. Tien Hsin
3. Yao Yao
4. Vivian Hsu
5. Jolin Tsai

Poster's Note: The post above does not represent the views of the poster. It is in fact what was reported on a recent broadcast of the source below nearly verbatim.

Source: Wan Quan Yu Le

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