Taiwanese rock trio F.I.R release MV for “We Are” track!

With the December release of Taiwanese band F.I.R’s latest album, the hugely popular rock trio are at it again with a brand new MV for their latest single “We Are”. The song, which doesn’t stray too far from the trio’s brand of “orchestrated rock”, features the riveting vocals of Faye and the instrumental accompaniment of guys who aren’t named Faye.

The newest MV doesn’t take any shortcuts on sweeping visuals that have been characteristic of F.I.R’s previous MVs either. Taking place in a primarily in beautiful forest scenery, as well as being filmed in washed-out colors that are occasionally splashed with hints of colors (e.g., the band’s instruments), the band sticks to their traditional MV formula, much as this song sticks with their successful song formula. But if this is how you’ve always enjoyed F.I.R this way, you’ll love this song and this MV.

Check out F.I.R’s new MV while still staying true to classic form below, courtesy of the awesome Mandopop community contributor TaiwanMV!

F.I.R’s “We Are” MV:

Source: TaiwanMV

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