Taipei Band Ferris Person Releases Energetic New MV!

All-guy Taiwanese Mandopop band Ferris Person (摩天人 Mo Tian Ren) recently released their new punk rock-sounding MV of the same name. Based originally in Mandopop epicenter Taipei, the band released their debut album several months ago as a five-guy crew with an eclectic set of songs, ranging from punk rock to R&B and even jazz.

For the MV, the band showcase a high-octane performance that matches the intensity of the song. Shot in the suburban landscape in Taiwan, the band sings about embracing one’s dream as they run around and perform in front of a graffiti backdrop. While the band released their album as a five-piece band, the group has released their latest MV and been promoting with one member missing. The present members consisted of lead vocals/guitarist Yao Yun 姚雲, guitarist Ah Tao阿濤, keyboardist Li Yi李毅, and drummer Xiao Ke 小可.

Given the current number of members in the band, it’s not too far to think of them as a punk Fahrenheit with a Mayday sound. Regardless their current situation, these guys are definitely a band to keep your eye out in the future. Check out their latest MV below, courtesy of kay20xx!

Ferris Person’s “Ferris Person” MV

Source:, kay20xx

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