Sweety’s Yan Yan gets robbed in Paris

Yan Yan writes about Paris in her new book “Pari,Le temps qui compte”.

Esther Liu (Yan Yan), from the former Taiwanese girl group “Sweety,” abandoned her star status two years ago and travelled to Paris to study Fashion Management. However, Yan Yan’s experience in Paris wasn’t quite like the perfect city that everyone has imagined. She revealed that she was robbed in the subway and was unsuccessful in getting any help. She warned future visitors to beware of their belongings, as bystanders tend to ignore these incidents.

Three years ago, Yan Yan faced numerous scandals that endangered her career; she was spotted smoking in the streets, criticized for suddenly gaining a large amount of weight, and was exposed that she has provided false university grades. She was also reportedly dissatisfied with the conditions offered for her contract renewal, which led to the eventual break up of “Sweety”. Yan Yan left Taiwan in 2007 to study in Paris. While many people doubted that her study would last very long, to their surprise, she stayed there for two years and even wrote a book about it.

In Yan Yan’s new book, “Pari,Le temps qui compte” (最美麗的逞強), she wrote about the two years she spent in Paris. She started from a girl who didn’t know how to do laundry or read bills, to someone who can hold her own. According to Yan Yan, Paris is a city that is both charming and dangerous, even tiring at times. Her book also discussed about Parisians’ openness on talking about sex. She mentioned that even if she saw her neighbour naked by accident, she would have to still nod and smile, and then pretend nothing happened.

Yan Yan complimented the Taiwanese government agencies in Paris for their support during her stay. She spoke candidly about her troubles with applying for residency at the local government offices; sometimes she would have to wait around for the whole day.

News source: NOWnews
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