Super Idol's best 30

Super Idol finishes their second round and announces their best 30. Netizens continue to debate about returning contestants like You-Zhi Boys and Liu Jia Lin for making through the rounds. Although the show did not mention what will happen in the next round, it seems that eliminations may start to slow down as these singing contest shows tend to run for four to six months. While Million Star primarily focuses on scouting potentials, Super Idol concentrates on putting on an entertaining show. As reflected in this week’s episode, some very intriguing contestants performed.

Huang Shu Wen showed off her flexibility in performing Wu Bai’s “墓仔埔也敢去”. Judges laughed non-stop as she performed a split in mid-air in an over-the-top wardrobe. Host Li Ching commented, “You performed as if this was the finals. That was incredible.” Huang Shu Wen made it to best 30 with this jam packed performance although her singing skills may not be top-notch.

21 year old Chen Jian Yi, who has had experiences in other singing contests, was criticized as being too flat and not enough depth in singing during round 1. With much improvement since the previous round, Chen Jian Yi moved the judges with his performance singing Amei Chang’s “你是愛我的” (You love me). He won all 5 votes from the judges and succeeded in moving on to the next round.

Two best friends were paired up to compete against each other. Before going on stage, Ma Zhen Xiang and You Zhong Bao gave each other blessings like a comedic duo, assuring the viewers that their “friendship” would not be affected by the outcome of the competition. You Zhong Bao specially made a rap for judge Sandee Chen making her feel rather awkward as he sang, “You are the Goddess of my heart.” You Zhong Bao continued rapping in his performance with “半工半讀” (Working for tuition), which contained humorous lyrics, “Got fired, fire, fire, fired.” You Zhong Bao plead to the judges, “Please don’t ‘fire’ me.” Ma Zhen Xiang, on the other hand, performed the ballad, “左邊右邊” (Left side, right side). Huang Guo Lun commented, “You have a nice voice, but you have to be more careful in picking songs. Liking a song doesn’t mean that you can perform it well.”  Regardless, Ma Zhen Xiang won the majority of the votes to continue to the next round.

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