Super Idol winner Zhang Yun-Jing hints...

Singer Zhang Yun-Jing (張芸京) recently went on Azio TV’s “Be Friends” for an interview. She performed the a cappella version of Rainie Yang’s hit “Ai Mei” (曖昧), which was also a song she sang at one of the judges' request during season one of Super idol. Host Mickey Huang questioned why she made such an unusual choice, she replied by asking, “Who do you think it was (that assigned me this song)? Who would have been so difficult to get along with?”

Mickey Huang named popular judge Huang Guo-Lun as his first guess. Zhang Yun-Jing denied, when he guessed Sandee Chan, she worried that Chan would be offended so she retracted her comment, “I didn’t mean that! All the teachers were great. They seem very strict on the show, but off-screen they are always instilling us with their knowledge, hoping that we can make a breakthrough.”

Sandee Chan did not comment when she was asked about Zhang Yun-Jing’s remark. Her manager Jun Yue said, “The judges’ song lists are based on the direction of the production team, like “be innovative, subversive”. We don’t deliberately make it difficult (for the contestants).”

Zhang Yun-Jing's Super Idol Performance of "Ai Mei":

Rainie Yang's Live Concert Performance of "Ai Mei":

News source: Chinatimes
Translations: PA

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