Super Idol: four eliminated; Time to say goodbye to Huang Shu Wen

Starting last week, it was a guy versus girl one on one competition on Super Idol. Just like Million Star, this round took a span of two weeks. The contestants who lost in their one on one would temporarily sit in the “loser’s corner” where the judges would decide which four contestants they would let go out of the entire group. Contestants who scored below 41 points were automatically put into the loser’s corner, while contestants who tied at a score of 41 or above both passed.

Hu Zhen Huan surprised the judges with an out of body experience kind of performance while singing Stephanie Sun’s “奔” (Sprint). Hu Zhen Huan combined some exaggerating poses, contemporary dancing, and even some Taichi moves into his performance. Although his singing lost stability, the judges expressed their liking to his performance. Huang Guo Lun gave his critique, “You have a lord of the rings singing style because other than looking like Mr. Frodo, your singing doesn’t seem to fit anything we have in Taiwan pop right now. You’re very unique. I liked your performance.”

Watch Hu Zhen Huang's performance -  “奔” (Sprint)

Jin Shi Ji of Korea was paired up against former Hei Se Hui Mei Mei, Tao Yan Wen. Jin Shi Ji sang Shin Seung Hoon’s “I Believe,” where he explained after the competition that he kept thinking about the lyrics as he was afraid of forgetting them, “But it’s Korean (not like the judges know). I really worried for nothing. Idiot.”

Watch Jin Shi Ji's performance - "I Believe"

Watch Tao Yan Wen's performance - "那年夏天寧靜的海" (The quiet sea of that year's summer)

Ma Zhen Xiang, although receiving some absurd swimming lessons from Senior Huang Wen Xing (runner up from Super Idol season 1) that was supposedly to aid him in singing, his unfamiliarity with the song caused him to be put into the Loser’s Corner. Ma Zhen Xiang continued to struggle with projecting his emotions in his performances, Huang Guo Lun commented, “You’re very talented and your vocals and techniques are not bad, but it’s lacking emotions. Since you picked a song of a female singer, you need to pay more attention to detail.”

Watch Ma Zhen Xiang's performance - "陌生人" (Stranger)

Huang Shu Wen gave her final performance on Super Idol by singing “熱情的沙漠” (Passionate desert). Continuing her unique gymnastic style, she did her best to uplift the crowd’s spirit. Loved by the audience, Huang Guo Lun complemented, “You show no fright even though you had to go up against two guys (You-Zhi Boys). I just want to tell you that you’re worth watching.” Unfortunately, it was her time to leave the stage as singing has always been her biggest weakness.

Watch Huang Shu Wen's performance -  “熱情的沙漠” (Passionate desert)

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