Super Idol finally completes round 1 after 4 weeks

Super Idol finally completed its round 1 with a total of 49 contestants moving on to round 2.  By now, I’m sure most of us have already forgotten all of the previous contestants.  Anyhow, week 4 was actually not bad although it didn't change the fact that round 1 was an awfully long round. 

The main highlight of the show was definitely Jin Shi Ji of Korea.  Jin Shi Ji, who is currently studying in Taiwan, has already been gaining a fan base after preliminary rounds.  He performed Jam Hsiao’s “原諒我” (Forgive me), but was given three “X’s”.  Before going into the bonus 30 seconds round, Huang Guo Lun attempted to explain why he gave an X, which resulted in a humorous critique with a mix of Korean, Japanese, English and Chinese, “You sing like a beast-hamnida.  Your pitch was…’too much’ (off-tune).  You got it-deshou?”  And Host Li Ching laughed, “Deshou is Japanese!”  Nonetheless, Jin Shi Ji managed to pass round 1 after singing “Snow Flower” (Park Hyo Shin).

Another contestant who caught the judges’ attention was Diana, who is a mix of Taiwanese and American.  She performed Alicia Key’s “Fallin” with Senior Suki (top ten of Super Idol 3) doing background vocals for her.  The performance won over all the judges without a doubt but one concern remained as Huang Guo Lun asked, “How many Chinese songs do you know?”  Diana answered, “Two…”

Judges were definitely familiar with contestant Chang Yun Ci since she is Chang Yun Jing’s (champion of Super Idol season 1) younger sister, which also means that expectations of her will be high.


Liao Zhi Liang and Huang You En, who were top 10 finalist from Super Idol season 1, decided to return to the stage as a group, “宥志男孩” (You-Zhi boys / “Childish” boys).  Hoping to create the same effect as Chemistry (Jpop), they performed Crowd Lu’s “我愛你” (I Love You).  However, judge Lin Long Xuan commented, “Each of you sing very well, but when you guys do harmony, it’s off, especially You En, you’re always a little too low in pitch.” 

This coming episode, Super Idol will be eliminating 19 contestants of the 49.  They will be split into two groups of 25 (a previous Super Idol contestant will be added to make the group 50), and they will be paired to compete against each other.

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