SJ says “Sorry” to their opponents for winning the 2009 Hit FM Top 100

Local Taiwanese radio station Hitoradio/HitFM announced their Top 100 singles of the year today. Korean group Super Junior took first place with their song “Sorry Sorry”. They won easily by taking in nearly 250,000 votes.

“Super Show II” will hit the Taipei Arena on February 20th and 21st. Number of members attending: TBD.

The 2009 Top 100 Singles were voted online from December 7th and 20th. The results indicated a return of the Korean wave, as 7 of the top 20 songs were Korean. In addition to winning with “Sorry Sorry”, the album’ second single “It's You” also took 11th place.

Super Junior's sub-group SJ-M released their first mini-album this year. Their popular Chinese single “Super Girl” took the 28th place. In the 12-year history of the Hit FM year-end chart, it is the first time that a singer (or group) made it to the Top 100 in 2 languages.

As for Chinese singers, Jam Hsiao led the way with 5 songs in the Top 100. They include “Princess” at #2, “Don't Know How to Love” at #4, “A-Fei’s Little Butterfly” at #9, “Rewind” at #18 (remake) and “New Endless Love” at #21 (remake).

Another “Million Star” singer, Yoga Lin, also did well. He took 5th place with “Fairy Tale” (說謊, literally translates to “Lie”) and 27th with “You Are What You Eat”. The hit single “Fairy Tale” also took first place 3 weeks in a row at the “Global Chinese Golden Chart”. It can be said as the most popular sappy love song of the year.

Among newcomers, Super Idol’s Chang Yun-Jing had the best results. Her singles “Black Dress” and “Let Me Take Care of You” placed 20th and 37th respectively, winning over many top artists.

Hit FM will begin playing the Top 100 singles starting December 31st at 9AM, and broadcast the Taipei New Year countdown concert live at 7PM.

Here are some of the MV’s (we’ll leave out “Sorry Sorry” since everyone on Earth should have seen it by now…)

Jam Hsiao - “Princess”

Yoga Lin - “Fairy Tale”

Chang Yun-Jing “Black Dress”

Source: UDN, Liberty Times, mengsion, TaiwanMV
Written by: PA

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