SJ-M’s Siwon asks God to kiss his lips….by mistake that is

Popular idol group Super Junior-M met up with their Taiwanese fans on December 5th. The 7 members not only left the stage to get close with the audience, they also performed 12 songs including “Super Girl”. Henry, whose mom is Taiwanese, performed Jay Chou’s “Silence” to show his affinity for the fans.

SJ-M performed at the TICC on Friday night. Unlike other Korean stars that often show music videos and play games at fan meetings, their show cost NT 3 million for lighting and audio, 3D effects, and other equipment. SJ-M played the game “Musical chairs” with their fans and shared a hug with the winning person, while the rest got to shake their hands.

The members have been working hard on practicing some local hit songs for this fan meeting. Member Zhou Mi sang Wang Pei-Rong’s “Only want you to be happy”, Kyuhyun sang Jam Hsiao “Forgive Me”, and Ryeowook sang F.I.R.’s “Our Love”. Donghae performed a dance version of Jason Mraz’s “I’m Yours”, while Hangeng did a hip-hop dance, making the fans go wild. Siwon sang the Chinese Gospel song “Happy Day”, in which the lyrics included, “God, you wash away my sins” (ni xi jing wo di zui), but due to his inaccurate pronunciation, it sounded more like “kiss kiss my lips” (qin qin wo di zui), making the fans blush.

Source: Chinatimes, UDN news
Translations: PA

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