SJ-M say their byes and feast on fast food

South Korean Mandopop sensation Super Junior-M (SJ-M) recently completed their seven day and six evening “Taiwan Tour” and embarked back to South Korea on the morning of December 9th. Nearly 500 fans jam-packed Taoyuan International Airport to bid farewell to the South Korean megastar group, where once the group broke through the cordon, the seven members were quickly rushed into the clear for their return flight with the aid of security personnel. SJ-M remarked that they were deeply impressed by the enthusiasm of the Taiwanese fans, claimed that the person who loved to buy stuff the most was Siwon, and said that next time they go to Taiwan, that they would do some serious shopping.

The group came to Taiwan with a full schedule and they had no time for fine dining. On the day before leaving Taiwan, their meals consisted entirely of fast food. Employees pointed out that the group ate Burger King for breakfast, McDonald’s for lunch, and KFC for dinner, and were therefore hailed as “the best group to bring up”.

Source: China Times

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