SJ-M goes on “Big Party” to battle “Sorry Sorry” Dance

Hangeng and Donghae performed “Sorry Sorry” with “Super Juni-er”.

Super Junior-M visited popular Taiwanese TV show “Nation’s Big Party” (全民最大黨) on December 7th to meet their famous rivals/impersonators. Comedian Kuo Tze-Cheng (郭子乾) was originally set to impersonate South Korea President Lee Myung-Bak, and prepared to welcome them with a speech in Korean. However, the group would prefer not to be associated with politics so the skit had to be cancelled.

Kuo Tze-Cheng impersonated South Korea President Lee Myung-Bak and was practicing his welcome speech in Korean backstage.

“Big Party” producers stated that they will not broadcast any parts with impersonation of President Lee Myung-Bak. However, Kuo Tze-Cheng insisted on watching off-stage in full presidential make-up, he said, “You guys don’t have treat me like the president, just think of me as an old man.” His appearance was so realistic that the SJ-M members can’t help but bow to him. Kuo Tze-Cheng wasn’t worried that his Korean speech would be wasted, “No problem! I will do it with my “Jerry Yan” impersonation a bit later.”

Cast members Chen Han-Dian and Honduras’ androgynous impersonation of Girls’ Generation made SJ-M feel sick.

Super Junior’s “Sorry Sorry” became hugely popular in Taiwan after cast members of “Nation’s Big Party” impersonated their dance earlier this year. Comedian Ah-Ken disguised himself as leader Leeteuk and led his crew “Super Juni-er” (Super juni兒) to a dance battle with Hangeng and Donghae. He arrogantly asked, “This dance has been modified, you guys better match us.”

Siwon begged for mercy as Na-Dou got beaten up.

The celebration party didn’t finish until 3 AM, with realistic performances from the cast members that even somewhat frightened SJ-M. Siwon helped to beg for mercy when comedian Na-Dou (納豆) was beaten up by Ah-Ken and Cong-Cong (從從) with a foam stick; Cong-Cong also accidentally hit himself with a piece of wood, and got a big bump on his head. Hangeng explained that he was moved by the casts’ over-the-top craziness, “Thank you very much, they put a lot of effort (into the show).” The show will air on December 31st at 9PM on CtiTV.

Ryeowook fed Taiwanese delicacy “stinky tofu” to cast member Hsu Jie-Hui.

We will have to wait for a few more weeks to see SJ-M on the show. In the meantime, let’s watch Ah-Ken and friends do “New Moon”, and explain how to test if someone is a vampire or not…

Source: Chinatimes
Translations: PA

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