Shu Wen or Jolin: Who covered Wu Bai's classic Taiwanese rock song best?

On the December 12, 2009 airing of Taiwan’s singing competition show Super Idol, female contestant Huang Shu Wen gave one of the highlight singing performances with her rendition of the famous song 墓仔埔也敢去 (lit. trans: Dare to Go to the Graveyard). The song, which was originally written and sung in the Taiwanese language by legendary rock and blues rock singer Wu Bai, became a hit sensation in Taiwan and beyond. Inspired by the works of Jimi Hendrix and Led Zepplin, it doesn’t come to a surprise how the song has a heavy rock feel by one of the pioneers of Taiwan rock.

The song didn't stay in the confines of the rock genre for too long, as pop diva Jolin Tsai took a stab at this song in 2006 by incorporating her trademark pop/dance style into her cover. Even though Jolin is known as a Mandarin Chinese pop singer, the Taiwanese superstar retained the original Taiwanese lyrics and pulled off the song with a hitch. So much so, in fact, that it landed a spot on her greatest hits collection.

Fast forward three years later, as pop star candidate Huang Shu Wen’s chose to introduce the song to audiences in 2009. In her audition, which proved to be one of the funniest for this season’s Super Idol (video), Shu Wen promised one of the judges that she will definitely learn how to sing after her goofy act. Despite not having the most talented vocals of the remaining contestants on the show, Shu Wen decided to take a chance on a well-known song with her university dance background in order to please the judges. Did the gamble payoff? If the audience screaming in approval and the judges getting a kick out of it is any indication, then yes it did.

Shu Wen may not be the most talented singer in this season’s batch of contestants, but it’s hard to argue that she’s not one of the more interesting. Who knows if that alone is enough to get her deep into the competition, but one thing’s for certain: she’s entertaining as hell.

For more coverage on this particular episode of Super Idol, check out fellow CpopAccess writer fu’s recap here. And if you want to see all three performances, then we got you covered right below.

Huang Shu Wen’s rendition:

Jolin Tsai’s cover:

Wu Bai’s original:

Poll: Which singer performed Wu Bai's classic Taiwanese rock song best?

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