Show Luo stands on stage with Magic 1+1, reconciles with former manager

Last week, Show Luo appeared on stage with rookie Taiwanese boy band Magic 1+1 in order to promote the new singing trio ensemble. The group hoped that some of Show’s success would rub off on them as well, and also aspired to have the same energy and excitement that has been characteristic of Show’s own performances since when the solo entertainer first debuted.

The live appearance of both Show and Magic 1+1 focused mostly on the rookie ensemble’s literally magical performance and an accompanying autographing session. Also present at the promotional event was Taiwanese music label J-Star Entertainment’s boss Sun De-rong, whose label has managed groups such as 5566, 183 Club, and 7 Flowers. Sun is currently the manager of his latest iteration Magic 1+1, but he was also Show’s manager before a falling out years earlier.

Despite the unpleasant history between Show and Sun due to contract issues, Show felt that it was time to reconcile with his entertainment industry mentor by standing on stage next to his former boss, offering his former manager a brand name bag as his birthday gift, and even giving him a peck on his cheek in good humor, showing once again that people can't be enemies forever in the entertainment industry.


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