Show Luo renews contract extravagantly

Yesterday at Show Luo’s hometown, Keelung, a grand press conference was held to celebrate the renewal of Show’s contract with Gold Typhoon. Other than making a big entrance at the event by riding a NT$14 million Ferrari, Jacky Wu was also invited to host the event. Show was paid NT$120 million for renewing his contract, making him the “glory of Keelung.”

Show Luo, who is now a “Trendy Man,” used to be dressed up as a girl by his mother. In addition to his chubbiness, making his chest resemble that of a girl, he used to wear clothes while swimming in the pool. The staff would try to stop him, “Little boy, you must not wear clothes to swim.” Show would reply, “I’m a girl.” Show made fun of himself and said that he was a naughty child who stole his mother’s lipstick to play with, “I was really girly when I was little.”

After ten years since Jacky Wu had hosted a press conference, he humored the crowd with his wittiness. One minute he said, “This proves that Xiao Zhu (Show Luo) and I are closer friends because Gua Ge, Fei Ge, and Xiao Yan Jie all didn’t come.” The next minute he explained the reason why he hosted was because, “I’m more experienced, have better posturing, and more well-known than him (Show Luo).” When Show appeared after the 21 gun salutes, and was ready to reveal his record company’s mysterious gift with a gold key, Jacky joked, “After firing 21 shots, now you’re sticking the key in,” making Show laugh in tears.

Show expressed afterwards, “Today, I only had to stand on stage and laugh. I just need to watch Jacky do all the work.” In the past, when Show and Eddy Ou met contractual problems, Jacky still invited them to assist with hosting variety shows. Thus, Show and Jacky have been good friends since.

Jacky (left) locking Show into his embrace with his left leg.

Show handsomely entered the stage.
Five extravagant highlights for money-making ‘pig’ (Show Luo)
- Ferrari entrance: car worth NT$14 million
- Signing contract on a cruise ship: ship rental NT$1 million
- Gun salute: 21 gun salute and remote helicopter to wish him big sales for his album; NT$120 thousand
- Famous host: Jacky Wu at a friends discount price, NT$88,888.
- Contract renewal price: royalty upfront, 20 concerts (for business); approximately NT$120 million

Source: Appledaily TW, fionarainie01

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