Show Luo films MV in New York, electrocutes himself and screams like a girl

Show Luo's upcoming 7th album will be called "羅生門" (note: I do not know how they will translate it to english, but it is a phrase that means that two sides speak but are unable to understand each other), dropping on December 22nd. His record company is not only spending 30 million NT for this promotion, they are even letting Show film his MV and album art in New York. In the zero degree Celsius weather he went through 10 costume changes. Not only did he get frostbite, he was unable to speak coherently, reminiscent of his famous "Pig English".

Show expressed that he was very happy to be able to film in New York this time for his album. His company allowed him to have over 10 costume changes, upgrading Show's style from his last album to an even higher level of "Trendy Man". However, less than 10 minutes into the shoot, his face began to freeze up from the cold. Thus, 4 beautiful female employees were hired to wipe his face with warm towels every time the photographer put his camera down, making passer-bys very envious!

But Show wryly smiled and said "They think having 4 beautiful women serve you is very comfortable, but in fact the climate was very dry that day. Every time they touched me they would create static electricity and shock me so that I would give a yelp. It really was not comfortable at all!"

Show filmed from dawn until dusk, and his toes were so cold they began to curl inward. However, he felt a little warmer once he got inside the NT 100,000 Cadillac limousine that his company rented for him for two hours. Inside, he began to repeat English-phrases that he often heard on the streets, but would butcher their pronunciation terribly. For example, when he tried to say "Something like that" in English, it came out as a Chinese phrase that meant "Sadness has arrived". When he tried to say "God bless you," it came out as Taiwanese for "A leather suitcase". Everyone who heard his ridiculous "Pig English" could not stop laughing, and Show's antics became a way for the staff members to ward off the cold through laughter.

Source: UDN

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