Show Luo begins promotions for new “Rashomon” album

For the past couple of days, Taiwanese entertainer Show Luo has been conducting a series of promotional activities to prepare for the January 15, 2010 release of his new album titled “Rashomon”.

The album’s title, which takes its name from a psychological effect based on famed Akira Kurosawa film of the same name, will mark the seventh studio album for Show since his “Trendy Man” album almost a year ago. Coincidently, Show will be the second artist to release album lucky number seven, as Singaporean singer JJ Lin did so days earlier with his “100 Days” album.

In addition to CpopAccess correspondent alee’s coverage of Show filming a new MV (article), the Taiwanese entertainer has also released a new CF and a snippet of his album’s debut song on Taiwan’s pop music radio station Hit FM.

Check out both media below as we keep you posted on the latest developments of Show’s seventh album, courtesy of eggggxddd and kay20xx!

“Rashomon” CF:

“Rashomon” Track Preview from Hit FM:

Source: eggggxddd, kay20xx, alee,

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