Show Luo and Anson Hu Put on a Dazzling Performance at School Anniversary Event

Taiwanese singer Show Luo, whose idol fame knows no bounds, and Mainland singer Anson Hu, who released a new album recently, visited an all-girls school to perform a concert for that school’s anniversary of its founding. Despite cold temperatures and rainy weather conditions, the two entertainers still maintained their handsome looks in their masculine performance, even with their hair getting ravaged by the elements and their teeth being gritted to withstand the cold.

When they originally heard that they would be performing at the all-girl school, the two of them expressed happiness. The surprise party, which took place in a large outdoor playground venue on one rainy evening, drew a huge crowd of people without umbrellas. Despite these conditions, the two singers discussed off-scene that the show must still go on so that the momentum wasn’t lost on the audience. Anson even refused to the offer of warm clothes by his colleagues by shaking his head and saying, “No, I want to be handsome.”

While on stage, the students as expected shouted in loud voices, “Anson, you’re so handsome!” This made Anson feel that it was all worth it and respond back, “That sentence just now sounded especially good. Could you repeat that one more time?” Show, on the other hand, wisely decked out in a heavy coat and boots, keeping warm while maintaining his handsome looks. The female students in front of the stage gathered around with placards referencing Show’s latest idol drama “Hi My Sweetheart” while also yelling, “You’re so handsome!” to him.

Source: UDN

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