Seductive Korean Singer Sara Prepping for Comeback with Mandopop Dance Track

Over the course of a year of preparations involving shooting on location in various countries in Asia, Chinese fans of the “seductive look angel” Sara can finally end the long wait. Having debuted four years ago, the South Korean singer with aspirations to make it big in the Mandopop world will reveal her transformation as a fashionetta in her comeback return with her new upcoming dance song “潮女密咒 Chao Nuu Mi Zhou”.

Sara’s new song was produced by a team composed of some of the top talents in Asia. Regarding the production of her new song, Sara also said, “It was a lot of hard work for this song. I went to places such as China, Korea, and Malaysia to film clothes there. All the girls understand current development trends”.

With the audio track of her upcoming song recently released, reactions have been mostly positive, with some listeners noting that the song gives off a special “devilish” dance vibe. Sara’s music label have quoted that her new song is not only a breakthrough with her dancing, but also raises a notch on her stage presence, and gives off a refreshing feeling.

Check out our previous post on Sara for a preview of her new dance track. If you're new to Sara's singing, check out these representative MVs below to see why she's gaining popularity in the Mandopop scene.

Sara's "Summer Injuries" MV:

Sara's "Turns Out I Love You" MV:

Sara's "Destiny" MV:

Source: xinhuanet, tom

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