Rookie Rockstar or Popular Pop Tart: Who Rocked Out Karen Mok’s “Ai Si Ni” Better?

On the December 26th broadcast of One Million Singer, Taiwanese pop star Rainie Yang appeared as the show’s special guest to promote her latest album “Rainie & Love”. The singer, who made a similar appearance on the show almost exactly a year ago with Genie Cho, went solo as the star attraction on this installment. For an excellent recap of the airing, head over to fellow CpopAccess correspondent fufu’s article to scope out the highlights.

Rainie’s latest appearance takes place as the show was hosting a rock music-themed feature. While rock music is not Rainie’s forte, she took a stab at singing it on the program. One particular song that she sang was none other than Hong Kong-based pop singer Karen Mok's 2003 classic rock tune “愛死你 Ai Si Ni” (English name: Love You to Death). Despite the age of the song, this classic tune was also famously sung live by then-contestant Chang Yun-jing on Super Idol over a year ago.

It would not be the first time that the pop singer Rainie and the up-and-coming rock star Yun-jing were connected, albeit indirectly. The previous Super Idol winner Yun-jing had also previously sang Rainie’s 2005 hit song “曖昧Ai Mei” on the singing competition at the request of one of the judges with great success, despite the song supposedly being out of the rock-based singer’s element.

Karen Mok’s rock tune genre is, on the other hand, one of Yun-jing’s strengths, and also not exactly Rainie Yang’s forte. Regardless, both singers did a decent job with their renditions. The question is, who do you think pulled off the classic rock tune better? Scope out the videos below and hear for yourself, then give your vote on the matter below!

So who sang Karen Mok’s classic rock tune “愛死你 Ai Si Ni” better?

Rainie Yang’s rendition on "One Million Singer (2009)":

Chang Yun-jing’s rendition on "Super Idol (2008)":

Karen’s original (featuring Alan Kuo):

Karen’s original (featuring LMF):

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