Rhydian Vaughan promotes ‘Monga’ in high-style

Actor Rhydian Vaughan (鳳小岳/Feng Xiao-Yue) will be returning to the big screen in the upcoming movie ‘Monga’. After capturing the audience's attention with 2008 ‘Winds of September’, he takes on the new role of a second-generation gang member in ‘Monga’. Although he might be lesser known than his famous co-stars Mark Zhao and Ethan Ruan, Rhydian Vaughan is still definitely a rising stars to look out for.

Every man can use a man-bag especially if it's from the new ‘Mr. Paddington’ line by Chloe.

When asked what is different with his performance in ‘Monga’ compared to the past, Rhydian Vaughan answered, “‘Winds of September’ is like putting an end to my youth, while ‘Monga’ takes me another level of drama.” Whether it is the background story or culture, his role in ‘Monga’ greatly differs from the youthful characters he played before. He said, “(The opportunity) let me learn more about Wan Hua (the district). I never thought a place so nearby us can have so many stories.”

Rhydian Vaughan tosses ‘Mr. Paddington’ in mid-air and drops it on the floor. Price of bag: NT$ 46,200

Rhydian Vaughan’s Chinese surname was taken from the transliteration of his English name. He was born in Avignon, France, and spent his childhood years in Europe. His father is a British violinist and his mother, Sun Li-Tsuei, is the founder of the ‘Shang Orientheatre’. When she gave birth to him in 1988, she saw a small mountain from the window of her delivery room, hence the name “Xiao-Yue”. Rhydian Vaughan returned to live in Taiwan during his primary school years. He now studies drama in the UK.

‘Winds of September' also stars Modi (3rd from the right) from Choc7/WAHSBBT and Wang Bo-Chieh (first on the left) from the movie ‘Bodyguards And Assassins’.

The award-winning movie ‘Winds of September’ introduced several rising young talents to the film audience back in 2008. In addition to Rhydian Vaughan, his ‘Winds’ co-star Wang Bo-Chieh (王柏傑) is also busy promoting the newly released ‘Bodyguards And Assassins’. Wang plays the role of a rich son who joined force to save the Chinese revolutionary leader Sun Yat-Sen. The cast consists of some very famous actors including Leon Lai, Nic Tse, Fan Bing-Bing, Hu Jun, Simon Yam, and of course, WORLD STAR Donnie Yen.

Monga’ will be in theaters on February 5th, 2010.

For those interested in checking out ‘Winds of September’, the movie is available on DVD. Here is the trailer:

Source: Liberty Times, Atomcinema, ianspacey
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