Real vs. Fake Jam Hsiao

Just this past weekend episode of One Million Singer, Jam Hsiao and other stars went on to take the challenge again. Just as host Harlem Yu was interviewing Jam Hsiao (a.k.a “Black Spider”), another “Jam Hsiao” suddenly appeared on stage! Honduras (comedian), who had impersonated Jam Hsiao on other variety shows, refused to get off the stage. Maybe it was due to sickness, but with two “Jam Hsiao” on stage, Harlem mistakenly called them, “Black Pearl” instead of “Black Spider.” In order to differentiate which was the real Jam Hsiao, Harlem tested them on their singing. Apart from the fact that Honduras does a really poor impersonation of Jam (that's why it's funny), his singing definitely gave it away. Honduras hilariously sang “New Endless Love” where no sound came out from his mouth at the highest note. Harlem made fun, “I finally heard a note higher than the whistle register, which is the note that nobody could hear.”

Huang Xiao Hu and Jam Hsiao performed “Love is over” and “Shi Fou” together. What was interesting was that these two songs could be performed together at the same time! See for yourself:

One Million Singer was Evan Yo’s last TV appearance before he heads to fulfill his military duty. Evan, who had been known to forget lyrics, playfully performed Leehom Wang’s “Julia,” while imitating Leehom at the same time, “I’m Wang Leehom, so how could I possibly forget my own song (lyrics)?”

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