Rainie Yang’s first new “Raining Love” MV off upcoming 2010 album!

After viewers in Taiwan got a glimpse of Taiwanese pop tart Rainie Yang’s new "Raining Love" MV, the full version of it from her upcoming 2010 album is now online for everyone’s viewing pleasure.

The song itself has already been around for quite some time, since it’s also the ending theme for Rainie’s currently-airing idol drama “Hi My Sweetheart”, but with the release of her new MV, viewers can finally witness the corresponding story unfold.

The new MV pretty much matches the sad tone of the song, as Rainie is seen with her character’s on-screen love in mostly various states of seriousness and sadness. To further the effect, the MV’s director gave the MV a hazy, greenish-blue tint to accentuate the song’s mood and match the song’s title.

We also get the chance to see Rainie’s new bohemian-hair look that she was gearing for in her new album, but the MV mostly relegates her hair to her current straight-hair look that she’s been sporting on variety shows for at least a year now.

Rainie’s new MV is appropriate for her album’s debut song, as the song pretty much is a blueprint for filming a sad story. For people who dig these kinds of sad MVs, then Rainie’s new MV is right up your alley.

Don’t be left out in the rain and wonder what the MV’s about. Check out the MV for yourself below, courtesy of the wonderful urasiansourceCpop!

Source: urasiansourceCpop

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