Rainie Yang feels lucky to turn hostility into friendship with Show Luo

On January 1, 2010, Rainie Yang will release her new Mandopop album “Rainie & Love”, and her record label went out of their way to invite a horoscope expert to read her horoscope. The result of the reading led to the choosing of holding an album promotional event in Taipei’s famed Ximending entertainment district yesterday at 2:18 pm. Since Rainie drank too much water before going to the venue, she couldn’t help but make a slight detour to use a restroom a temple on the way in order to make it on time. She was so rushed that she didn’t even pray on her way out, but the event was a huge success with over a thousand people in attendance.

When asked if she sought out a blissful marriage future from the horoscope expert, Rainie expressed, “In regards to the experience I had with the friend by my side, I won’t count that out, and I’ll just go with the flow.” For many years, Ranie and Show did not get along, but her recent outing with gagman and singer on the idol drama “Hi My Sweetheart” has blossomed into a wonderful friendship. Rainie laughed and said, “You can’t be friends or enemies forever in the entertainment industry. Xiao Zhu (Show) said that he hated me so much that he wouldn’t even look at me before. But now that we’re filming together, and with my show with him at Atlantic City, I’m optimistic on a lot of things, and there’s a growing sense of mutual understanding between us.”

Rainie Yang at Ximending promoting her upcoming with a crowd of over a thousand in attendance.
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Source: sina.com.hk

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