Rainie Yang and Show Luo get lubby dubby for “In Your Eyes” MV!

Shortly after Alien Huang released his rock melody “Screwed Up” MV, his famous ex-girlfriend Rainie Yang and best buddy/fellow 100% Entertainment co-host Show Luo pair up in the lubby dubby-filled MV for the track “In Your Eyes” (EDIT: for our non-North American readers, “lubby dubby” is slang for extremely sentimental love). The song is the second track to be released in MV form off of Rainie Yang’s soon-to-be-released-tomorrow album “Rainie & Love”.

The saccharine-filled MV, which was to be expected from the cute, puppy love lyrics of the target song. As such, the MV plays it safe with a by-the-numbers cute puppy love MV rulebook. Since the duo are also the leads to their latest idol drama “Hi My Sweetheart”, the MVserves as a commercial vehicle for their rom-com extravaganza with obligatory inserted scenes from the show.

There are still some interesting things to note in the MV though. For one, Show’s hair is noticeably shorter in the front, which is a slight shift from the Asian idol trademark hair that sweeps down at an angle. Also, Rainie Yang sports parted hair and a balled up pony tail hair style while wearing a baggy hoodie, a mainstay look with frequent 100% Entertainment guest co-host Butterfly Jie Jie. Everything’s so familiar, yet so not.

With this recent duet by the two popular Taiwanese entertainers, one has to ask if their latest collaboration is up to snuff with other famous Mandopop guy-girl duet songs. Will it be as well-known as Will Pan/Zhang Xiang Zhi’s “Bu De Bu Ai” ballad? Are people going to queue up this song in KTVs as much as Jolin Tsai/David Tao’s “Marry Me Today” song? Is this song going to bombard the airwaves like Genie Cho/Alien Huang’s “Ai De Zhu Xuan Lu” tune? The slip from my fortune cookie says no, but then fortune cookie sayings were clearly written to be humorous by appending them with “in bed” (EDIT: for our non-North American readers, fortune cookies are…umm, just Wikipedia it).

Rainie and Show’s latest musical outing isn’t be destined to be the next duet masterpiece, but the MV has the star power of Taiwan’s currently hottest celebrity pairing, and the song is a formulaic cute love melody guaranteed to satisfy fans from both Rainie and Show camps. Put another way, this MV’s pretty much like eating candy: it won’t fill you up, but it’ll satisfy your cravings temporarily until it’s time for the good stuff.

Check out Rainie Yang and Show Luo’s latest cute collaboration MV below, courtesy of awesome YouTube channel mengsion!

Rainie Yang & Show Luo’s “In Your Eyes” MV:

Source: mengsion

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