Rainie Yang and Cyndi Wang fight over the same guy?

Rising star Wang Bo-Chieh (王柏傑) from the movies “Winds of September” and “Bodyguards And Assassins” was recently cast in both Rainie Yang and Cyndi Wang’s new music videos. Due to the similarities of the MV’s, in addition to the album release dates being only one month apart, Rainie Yang’s record company is fuming that Wang took on both jobs. They claimed that it is a taboo in the music industry and his action was unethical.

In Cyndi Wang’s new song “I'm fine, how about you?” (我很好,那麼你呢?), she plays a couple with Wang Bo-Chieh. They shared some intimate scenes in which she bit his ear and arm, and then cried profusely after they broke up. In Rainie Yang’s Raining Love” (雨愛), she also shared some intimate scenes with Wang Bo-Chieh, and cried over his ghostly spirit. The two MV’s also featured similar scenes including the leading ladies lying on bed, and wandering the streets on their own. The fans of both sides are blaming each side for copying their concept.

Rainie Yang’s record company said Wang Bo-Chieh only revealed on the day he arrived on set in Ilan that he recently shot Cyndi Wang’s MV. Yang’s manager also pointed out that because they were so far away in Ilan, they were not able to change the male lead at the last minute. They asked him to be part of the MV anyways but the press release won't be focused on him. Cyndi Wang’s manager said that they already finalized the decision to cast him way back in October. They weren't aware that Rainie Yang’s company also wanted him till they saw her “Raining Love” MV.

Wang Bo-Chieh’s manager explained that they originally turned down the offer to be in Rainie Yang’s MV, as he has just completed work on Cyndi Wang’s. The production company subsequently came back and asked them again many times. They were told that the script was very good and the production was under a time constraint, therefore Wang’ side took the offer as a friendly gesture. They are surprised of being blamed on this matter, “Moreover, how are we supposed to know when they plan to release the MV’s?”

Rainie Yang's "Raining Love" (or see the Eng-subbed version here)

Cyndi Wang's "I'm fine, how about you?”

Source: Nownews, Chinatimes, TaiwanMV, blump3music
Written by PA

(Note for Rainie or Cyndi fans: No worries, these are common tactics for record companies to promote new releases.)

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