Rainie Rock n’ Rolled to stage 9 on One Million Singer

It was a rock theme night at One Million Singer and guests came dressed in leather, boots, black nail polish, and more. Each guest that challenged the stage all had their own rock-themed category. Some of the guests who took the stage were Butterfly and Watermelon Ge Ge from kids programming, Sweety (Yan Yan & Qiao Qiao), and special guest Huang Pin Yuan, who also provided the song challenges for the preliminary rounds. But the main highlight of the show was Rainie Yang, who went on to promote her latest album, “Rainie & Love.”

It had been a year since Rainie had challenged the Million Singer stage. Last time, she got up to stage 7, and she was determined to win big this time round. Rainie started right off with the Rock-themed category and chose to sing Karen Mok and Alan Kuo’s Love you to death” (愛死你), which she passed the challenge with ease.

Rainie took the opportunity to promote her current drama, “Hi! My Sweetheart,” as she chose the category titled, “Duet with the most ‘Hai Pai’ (wealthy) person.” Nono won the opportunity to sing the duet with Rainie by bribing host Harlem Yu with his "Hi! My Sweetheart" discount card. 

Watch Rainie sing Show Luo & Xiao S' classic duet, "Love Expert" with NoNo

Rainie then chose to sing her favorite idol, Coco Lee’s After Winter.” However, Rainie expressed, “I’m not happy…not happy at all. I broke out of tune. I want to re-sing it again.” Nonetheless, Rainie passed the round. She redeemed herself right after by singing her lungs out on her mom’s favorite, “Hai Shi Shan Meng” (solemn pledge of eternal love). Harlem comforted, “The key was high and it required long breaths to sing this song, and you did it! So you shouldn’t mind too much about the Coco song.” But Rainie insisted, “But I’m a Coco fan, so it was really unacceptable for me to perform her song so badly.”

Watch Rainie sing Coco Lee's "After Winter"

Rainie performs "Hai Shi Shan Meng" (solemn pledge of eternal love)

Rainie made it all the way to stage 9 to sing Da Mouth’sJie Guo Lie” / "In the End" (結果咧). Even though Rainie attempted to channel Aisa to think of the missing lyrics, she couldn’t in the end. Former 4 in Love member, Sunnie Huang Hsiao-Rou, revealed the correct answer to Rainie.

See Rainie sing Da Mouth's "Jie Guo Lie"

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