Post on Chinese SNSD Clone Sparks Anti-Chinese Backlash From Kpop Netizens

A writer of a popular Kpop entertainment site recently made a post about a relatively new Chinese girl group Idol Girls. While Mandopop coverage may seem out of place in a site dedicated to Kpop news, what makes the coverage of this newcomer female ensemble interesting to their site is the obvious similarities that this group shares with Korean superstar group Girls’ Generation.

Due to the massive popularity of Korean pop music, Kpop sites have garnered a huge reader base that keeps tabs on the latest news trends in Korean entertainment. The particular article in question on the Chinese female group fortunately doesn’t come close to previous posts that bash Cpop-based groups though, and instead spins the news of the rookie Chinese female group’s debut in favor of complimenting the success of the Kpop trend.

Chinese group Idol Girls

Korean group SNSD / Girls' Generation

Unfortunately, such restraint did not carry over to a number of pro-Kpop netizens, as opinions ranged from ethnic Chinese readers feeling embarrassment over their identity to netizens demonstrating anti-Chinese sentiments. A sample of these opinions can be found below:
  • ....what a shame to chinese people. -________- blah oh well SNSD’S STILL THE BEST! :]
  • o wow! I’m Chinese and I’m embarrassed… one can beat snsd!
  • This is SICK.They don’t have to copy. D: I’m not even chinese and I feel embarassed for them. :(
  • China does like to pirate stuff, so I guess they are stating with idol groups. In all seriousness though if china had got to start creating their own stuff, and not just rip off everyone else.
  • Why…....? Would they do this….? This just makes Chinese people look bad and makes people bash us.Oh my god… This is just embarrassing!
  • snsd is way better than some made in china girl band!
  • o god… i’m embarrased cuz i’m Chinese
  • hahaha China is just doing what they do best, finding a way to make an adequate imitation and making it cheaper.
  • omg im embarassed cuz im a chinese SNSD FTW <3
  • ugh i’m chinese but snsd is sooooooo much better than them..those girls are copycats!!! =.=
  • Being Chinese…. Gawd I’m ashamed of myself.
  • im chinese and i think this is just too much.
  • i’m chinese….well taiwanese, and this is so embarassing. maybe if china came up with their own stuff, they’d be more popular.
  • Though I’m an ABC, american born chinese, it’s embarrassing to see this happen.
  • wow…china should be ashamed of themselves
  • why china why they should come up with original conceptsand not try to copy Korea singers/groups
  • ROFLLLLL!!!!!!!! That’s bound to fail raspberry No offense…but seriously, what is China thinking??!
  • china shud stop copying others
  • Wow , im chinese and im so embarrassed =/
  • you know…i’m chinese, and after reading this article, i’m ashamed of my race… T-T
  • China is really popular in copycat of branded items but even groups… owh, if i’m a china citizen i would be so damn embarrassed, even the clothes are the same! ewww…
While the article does not dwell beyond the physical appearances of the two pop groups, the accompanying discussion of the article reflects the inferiority complex that Chinese readers of the site share to Korean culture, as well as readers demonstrating anti-Chinese sentiments that resort to false negative stereotypes commonly associated with Chinese people. The interesting aspect of the situation is that only a decade ago, Kpop artists were leveled the same criticisms with their similarity to their American counterparts as Cpop artists are currently given to their Korean counterparts.

The years has been much kinder to the Kpop genre though, as fans of Kpop in general are either recent converts of the genre or merely chose to forget that part of Kpop history. Only time will tell whether new group Idol Girls can prove themselves outside their music label’s decision to exploit the style already established by SNSD, but judging from the hundreds of comments posted on the original article in question, the bigger issue isn’t with the copycat stamp that Idol Girls have to deal with in China, but with the inferiority stamp held by Chinese youth and the negative attitude given towards Chinese culture in general.

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