Patty Hou is not engaged, but getting married?!

Previously, it was reported that Patty Hou secretly got engaged with Huang Bo Jun during Christmas, although both denied it. Yesterday, a wedding bakery from Dam-sui revealed that they received an order from “Huang-Lin” days ago, which is to be delivered to Ba De Road (where the engagement party was supposedly held). Insiders pointed out that in actual fact, the two are planning to get married before the Lunar new year.

Rumors say that because the wedding is near, and on top of the current situation with Mainland China, Patty might withdraw from the recording of the New Year show at Xiamen, China. Patty’s manager Liao Su Ping stated, “It looks like they (Mainland) are requiring a certain ratio of Mainland versus Taiwan hosts, so things may change at any time. We are still waiting for confirmation.” In addition, Patty also turned down attending one of her friends’ wedding, which is around the Lunar New Year. These all seem to be evidence of Patty preparing for her wedding.

According to fortune tellers, Lin Zhen Yi and Zhan Wei Zhong, next year is not a good year for weddings, “It’s best not to marry, but getting engaged is okay.” Lin Zhen Yi explains, “Patty was born in the year of Horse, while Mr. Huang is a Tiger. They match each other very well. If they can’t get married before the Lunar New Year, they can get engaged first to overcome the bad luck of next year. They should avoid the months, 4, 7, 10, 11 of the Lunar year.”

Source: UDN news

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