Patty Hou is engaged!

Patty Hou, former news-anchor-turned-host (and female lead in the idol-drama “Delicious Relationship” with Vic Zhou) has been reported to be engaged! The fiancée is only known as “Mr. Huang” who works in the financial district and has a net worth in the billons. Keeping things low-key, the couple was supposedly engaged on Christmas Day at noon. Patty’s manager said yesterday, “She has never confirmed or denied the existence of a significant other and has not confirmed or denied her recent good news.”

It was revealed that Mr. Huang is slightly older than Patty (who is 31), about 175 cm tall, is studying overseas, and is a colleague of one her ex-boyfriends (not Jay Chou). They supposedly have been dating for 3 years and have very similar interests. The engagement was reportedly announced at a private family gathering on Christmas Day.

On the 25th, the day Hou was supposedly engaged, her producer on her variety show “Trump Big Star” commented that she had arrived later to the studio than usual. Media reports claim that Hou canceled the “Trump Big Star” evening recording on the 25th because of her engagement. However, Jacky Wu, her co-host on “Trump Big Star”, said that it was actually because his daughter was running late and they were eating Christmas dinner together that led to the decision to cancel the recording. Her famous ex-boyfriend Jay Chou was questioned about Hou’s engagement while promoting his new movie “The Treasure Hunter”. However, he did not want his responses to take away from the movie promotions and answered, “If I comment, will you not make it the headline of your news?” However, his crew still forbade him to answer the questions.
Congratulations to the couple! This comes rather surprising as I was not even aware Patty was dating. She did a good job of concealing it. Ironically, the day before another article from Chinatimes wrote about how Patty wanted a husband so much, she wouldn't mind if the guy was bald and had a beer belly. However, I doubt Mr. Huang has either of these qualities.

Source: Chinatimes, UDN

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