Out with the new, in with the old for Jay Chou's relationships

Jay Chou has had his share of rumors, but he has always kept his lips sealed on his personal life. He has admitted to his previous relationship with newly-engaged Patty Hou, but
has denied allegations that Taiwanese pop star Jolin Tsai is also his ex-girlfriend.
A few days ago he and Chi-ling Lin went onto “Shen Chun Hua Life Show”, where he was asked if he had had “countless” relationships. Not wanting to appear cocky by the media, Jay hastily replied, “Actually, I have only been in two relationships,” finally confirming his past connections with Patty Hou and Jolin Tsai. However, he still denied any relations with his current “J-Girl”, Jessie Chiang.

When Host Shen Chun Hua asked him which two relationships he had been in, he played dumb, asking “Oh? Did I say that? Well let everyone go home and watch the replay then.” He then proceeded to avoid the question, asking the host to talk about Chi-ling’s love life instead.

Although Jay stubbornly refused to reveal with which two people he has had relationships with, he once said that “a girlfriend is someone I can put my arm around.” Interestingly enough, in 2005 he was photographed with his arm around Patty Hou on the streets of Japan, exposing their relationship. They dated for about a year before breaking it off.

The media began circulating with reports of a relationship
between Jay Chou and Jolin Tsai in 2003. Jolin, after years of relentless questioning by the press, publically admitted their former relationship, but until now Jay still denied the “Double J” romance. Since the Chou-Hou relationship was revealed by photos from the paparazzi on their excursion to Japan, Jolin was the last to know and it ultimately created tension between the two former lovers. Jay Chou finally loosened his lips and by admitting to having two past relationships, indirectly admitted to the “Double J” relationship.

However, regarding his supposed current flame Jessie Chiang, Jay brushed aside the accusations, commenting, “The media takes a picture of something and calls it something else.”

“I haven’t been photographed by them for the past 2 years because my paparazzi-dodging skills have vastly improved,” Jay managed to joke, “but in all seriousness I do eat dinner with other people too.” However, he and Chiang have been spotted not only eating dinner, but playing basketball and riding motorcycles together. She even has a copy of Jay Chou’s garage key. But he remains tight-lipped about the situation, continuing to say that she’s just “one of the guys.”

He also doesn’t hesitate to suggest a possible romance with his “Treasure Hunter” co-start Chi-Ling Lin. He and Chi-ling are now close friends who often talked about very personal issues. What kind of personal issues? That’s the “Secret” they can’t tell you.

Source: The Liberty Times

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