One Million Star’s week 4: Zuo An An vs. Kang Kang

Last week, we had Chang Yu versus Yuan Wei Ren’s team battle, and it was Zuo An An versus Kang Kang on week 4.  In the first two rounds, both teams seemed to be quite well matched, but once the pair battles started, the difference started to show.  Kang Kang’s team won with an average of 18.5 points while Zuo An An’s team ended with an average of 16.  Although Zuo An An’s team lost, judges couldn’t help but comment that her team came well dressed in style while Kang Kang’s team looked as if they were going to buy groceries, which Kang Kang joked, “We are really getting ready to go buy some groceries.”    
In the end, Zuo An An’s team faced eliminations where Zuo An An reluctantly eliminated 4 members.

Here were some highlights.

2-girl group singing ELVA’s “Love Theme Song”

Judges harshly criticized that the unevenness in talent of this group made the performance intolerable.  In the behind the scenes, Zuo An An explained that she wanted to pair a strong and a weak member together so that the strong can lead the weak.  However, this became the cause to her loss in competing with Kang Kang.

Hu Xia of mainland singing Fish Leong’s “可惜不是你” (Unfortunately it’s not you)

Hu Xia continued to receive praises from the judges since his performance in round 1.  Although his ending note was a little bit off-tune, he got a very high score of 21 points (out of 25).  Judge Huang Xiao Hu commented, “Although the last note wasn’t quite on tune, I think it’s okay due to the emotions of the song.  His performance has been the most complete so far.”

3-person group singing “思念是一種病” (Longing is a kind of illness)

Zuo An An’s 3-person group won a perfect score for the team even though it was not enough to turn the tables around as the team faced eliminations.  The 3-person group demonstrated their strengths in acapella and was greatly praised by the judges.

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