One Million Singer: Miu Chu of Super Idol challenges the NT$300,000 question!

Just this past weekend, all the previous champions of Super Idol seasons 1-3 went on One Million Singer to challenge their skills of memorizing lyrics! Landy Wen was the special guest of the day, providing preliminary round song questions. Here are some highlights:

Landy Wen singing classic hit duet “Rooftop” all by herself

Without receiving help from host Harlem Yu, Landy performed the duet by herself switching between both her and Jacky Wu/Jay Chou’s parts. It was quite comedic, where Harlem commented, “We usually start from the star-mark (2-3 phrases before the lyrics stops) on the second time, but since it was so funny watching you sing it all by yourself, let’s start from the beginning.”

Chang Yun Jing sings Jolin + David’s duet, “You Must Marry Me Today” with 11-year old Xu Jie

11-year old Xu Jie self-elected to help Chang Yun Jing sing the duet, where Harlem teased, “Alright, since you came up, we’ll ask a few questions and then have you go back and sit.” Chang Yun Jing revealed that Xu Jie had actually won against Miu Chu when he went to challenge her on super idol. Harlem joked, “No wonder she (Miu Chu) has been ignoring you the whole night,” where Miu nodded while laughing. The show purposely made the lyrics stop on the line, “Will you marry me today?” Chang Yun Jing held a bouquet of flowers and sang the line to Xu Jie, but Xu Jie actually replied, “Wait another 10 years!”

Miu Chu challenges the 3 hundred thousand dollar question

Miu sure knew a lot of songs as she made it to the final stage. The song, which was pre-selected by the show, was Karen Mok’s “No time.” Miu was clearly familiar with the song as singing it wasn’t an issue, but the lyrics stopped with 19 blanks (characters) to fill. Everyone was on the edge of their seat as Miu tried her best to recall those lyrics. Unfortunately, she did not get it right and went home with NT$75 thousand.

Video source: kaigerrr

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