OMG! Jing Wong Releases MV for “Wo De Ma” Song

The ever-growing popularity of singer-turned-actor-but-still-singer Jing Wong is at it again, displaying his angst and acting out his trademark goofball victim role in his new “Wo De Ma” MV. The song itself, which translates literally as “My Mom”, but is more equivalent to “Oh My God”, is a rocking tune that showcases Jing’s variety in his music styles.

The guitar-laden song, which complements Jing’s cries of the song title’s name, seems more fitting in legendary Taiwanese rock outfit Mayday’s repertoire (whom do have a song titled “Oh My God”) than it does in the ballad songs that more closely match Jing’s high-pitched voice, but at least Jing doesn’t stick to the same generic formula and risks trying various music styles. Oh, and the song’s not bad either.

Check out Jing rocking out punk-style as he’s pushed around by the girl in the MV and even the filming crew below, courtesy of TaiwanMV. It definitely has a more rock sound than Cyndi’s recent cover of another band famous for that kind of music.

Jing Wong's "Wo De Ma" MV:

Source: TaiwanMV

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