The Next Jolin Tsai? Korean Singer Sara’s 5-Year Plan to Superstardom

With the controversy surrounding comments made by Jang Nara several weeks ago that incited a firestorm with the Chinese public, another South Korean aiming for the Mandopop market is gaining more positive attention as the new media darling.

During an interview, sophomore South Korean singer Sara said she believed that Nara’s comments were overblown, and that Nara herself loves China and considers it her second home.

Prepping Her "5-Year Plan"

In order to greatly expand into the Chinese music scene, Sara enlisted the help of a popular agent for the stars who goes by the name of Mr Zhou. Not only does he have first-hand knowledge of turning nobodies to superstars, but he also has an excellent analysis of the entertainment industry on the difficult road to stardom.

Mr Zhou went on to say, “The beginning of the first year consists of training, dance, vocals, and learning Chinese, whose costs can run into the hundreds of thousands (of Chinese yuan). This is when we’re not profitable, with revenue going all into production.”

But in terms of cultivating a professional singer, pre-training is not the biggest cost. “The largest spending goes into producing the album and filming MVs.”

Mr. Zhou added that the singer debuted at the end of 2006 to the investment of tens of millions. Furthermore, Mr. Zhou commented that cultivating singers in general can typically cost from several million to several thousand million, and that they have to prepare for the long road to stardom with a cycle that lasts three to four years. “We plan on starting a five-year plan for eight albums, and firing things up at around the third or fourth album. Khalil Fong became popular by his third or fourth album."

Also, how an artist is conceptualized is very important. When Jolin Tsai debuted as a “teenage sensation” to today’s “sexy dancer”, situating her from one to another was quick and successful. No one cared much for the “teenage sensation” label anymore by the time Jolin released her fourth album. Therefore, Sara will initially start out with her current stage with a “fashion girl” concept, and then her concept will be adjusted to the market.

The Difficulty of Pre-Publicity

Apart from writing books, publicity is very important for an artist. Both Jaycee and Jackie Chan co-produced ads with publicity stunts for Sara, with Mr. Zhou saying, “Jackie Chan seemed to speed up Sara’s development in two years.

With the media dispatched, it’s necessary for artists to continue maintaining exposure. “At first, we asked producers to get on their programs, but they weren’t interested. It wasn’t until we were on Hunan TV’s 'Happy Camp' did we get particularly good results, with programs that rejected us in the past now requesting her to be on their programs."

With today’s music scene making it difficult for newcomers to breakthrough, pre-development is very difficult, so a lot of skill is needed to make a breakthrough on the internet. “From the end of 2006 to now, we experienced a lot of hardships, and Sara is starting to turn a profit. The singer is now mainly relying on advertising to make money, and her development has been pretty efficient, with her making money at least three or four years before artists typically do.

Sara Aims for China

Having finished her interview with reporters, Sara talked about her experiences in China. "In China, everyone has been caring to me, and it’s a good entertainment environment. Because I know some Chinese, it’s easy to use Chinese to communicate."

The singer feels very happy being there, and her agent also said, "Since her parents have passed away, Sara has been focused on her life and work currently in China, including her current friends whom are all Chinese." Sara also recently released a new song, and hopes for the love and support of her Chinese friends.

Check out her Chinese blog for pics of her daily on-goings and to preview her tracks. Also check out the video below of Sara dance rehearsing to her song.

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Sara's Practice Dance for New Song "潮女密咒":

Source: ifeng

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