New footage of Chinese guy group M.I.C. takes away some of the mystery

New Chinese boy band M.I.C. and their collaboration with rookie Korean group f(x) on a certain cell phone ad has certainly caught the attention of netizens from both the Cpop and Kpop fan communities, though with different emphasis. The news drew excitement with fans in the former group at the prospect of a new mainland Chinese boy band making it huge in 2010, while the fans from the latter group at seeing f(x) getting more exposure outside of their native South Korea.

Whatever the case may be, people are definitely becoming familiar with the band’s name, despite a vast majority of people not familiar with the band members or their actual brand of music themselves. A recent video circulating on the net may help alleviate that, giving a glimpse of the six-member guy crew putting on a popular first-person shooter Counterstrike-inspired show during dance practice, performing live on stage to the beat of an R&B tune, and acting natural with more behind-the-scenes footage.

Neophyte boy bands typically don’t start generating hype until after their first official track or MV is released, but M.I.C. can rest assured that they got their hype long before having laid down their first track. That doesn't mean that the rookie guy group can rest their laurels when their debut MV does get release. They'll have their work cut out answering the follow-up question: are they worthy of the hype?

Check out new footage of new Chinese boy band M.I.C. that has been making its rounds on the web, courtesy of awesome Cpop source urasiansourceCpop!

M.I.C.’s Dance Practice + Live Performance + Candid Video:

Source: urasiansourceCpop

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