New Elisa Lin MV reveals softer side of American rock-style musician

After releasing her phenomenal upbeat tune “I Believe” and her heavier rock beat “Not Your Kitty”, Taiwanese-American rock musician Elisa Lin is at it again with her latest MV titled “完美的離開” (trans: leaving of perfection). The song, which is a slower melody that is complimented by light drumming and piano playing, as well as a faint orchestrated backdrop to her guitar playing, serves as an obligatory piece to complete her previous two alternative and mainstream rock tunes.

The talented singer/songwriter showcases her talent not only by playing her own instruments, but also single-handedly arranges all the parts for the strings, bass guitar, and lead guitar. The only part she doesn’t handle is the drum section, which she leaves to the band’s drummer Kaumyar when she tours the United States. What’s interesting about the drummer, who flew especially to Taiwan to help record Elisa’s album, is that he’s also the drummer for band Big City Rock, who’s been a popular supporting act for big-name artists such as Maroon 5, Sugarcult, Jason Mraz, and The Click Five.

With Elisa Lin quietly making a name for herself with her third MV after her “I Believe” and “Not Your Kitty” MVs, perhaps her brand of music will become more prevalent in a Mandopop industry not known for producing American-style alternative rock songs. At least American expats in Taiwan will be able to get a wonderful taste of the kind of music they were exposed to back home.

Check out Elisa Lin’s latest MV, courtesy of the awesome TaiwanMV!

Elisa Lin’s完美的離開 MV:

Source: TaiwanMV

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