New Chinese ground M.I.C. pairs with Korean group f(x) on new cell phone ad!

As Korean tech conglomerate LG fights a viscous battle with rival Korean tech corporation Samsung over cell phone market dominance, the multi-electronics device maker decided to rely on the power of Kpop to edge the field. The result was a musical commercial collaboration with Kpop boy band sensation Big Bang and girl group rising stars 2NE1 for their latest youth-geared cell phone, the LG Lollipop.

After the success of their previous musical ad earlier this year in capturing a significant portion of the Korean youth cell phone market, the two-lettered tech company is hoping for lightning to strike twice with their sights set on the Chinese youth. The new ad campaign hopes to replicate the success of their earlier musical campaign by capitalizing on the rising talent potential of upcoming Chinese boy band M.I.C., as well as the huge popularity of Chinese members Amber and Victoria from the trendy five-member Korean girl group f(x).

While the new commercial starring M.I.C. and f(x) has yet to air, a “Making of” video of the commercial has been making its round on the web. You can scope out the video below, courtesy of amazing Cpop source urasiansourceCpop.

Not much is known on the upcoming boy band M.I.C., as they haven’t released an MV or promoted their own track yet. Fortunately, cfensi over in her blog has the most up-to-date English details of this band. Check out her site for more details from her awesome sleuthing, and scope around the site afterward as it’s an excellent read in general.

Judging from what’s written over at cfensi’s site, the six-member dude ensemble definitely looks the part in making a splash for 2010. It appears that fellow mainland Chinese boy bands Hit-5, Top Combine, and G.I.P. have another group to look out for.

M.I.C. & f(x)’s “LG Lollipop” behind-the-scenes commercial:

Source: cfensi, urasiansourceCpop

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